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  • I feel like this isn’t meant to be so painful in my quads but it reallllllly was.

  • This is a pose I alway avoid because it normally causes pain in my quads but today I achieved it for the first time and it felt amazing

  • It seems easy to do Camel pose when you watch and when you do it, it requires agility. Yes, learn the foundations is very important. This practice is very good and useful for that. Thank you.

  • oh My God, there are waves of shakes running through my abdomen while I try to engage and bend. Anyone Else ?

  • Oh dear! Camel is not my friend but thank you for the tips about not squeezing the glutes! I hadn’t realised how much I was squeezing 😂

  • Definitely challenging for me but appreciated the initial spine flexing and having the blocks did help me achieve more than I thought i could. Thx

  • Thank you Adriene love your channel

  • My knee hurt when trying to backbend ,so I didn’t practice this one 🙁

  • I did not manage to do this pose, but I will try again. Fear of falling backwards. Thanks for all the teachings

  • Way to much talking not enough warming up n my back is fucked up from getting hit by a car n skateboarding n playing lacrosse n rough sorts growing up so it really hurt to hold those while I waited I didn't feel any stretch or anything good just pain n boredom. I'm sorry this is one of the only videos I've ever been critical of but I know I need to work on my back n I want to but either this is not the pose or maybe the video for me to learn this pose cause it was difficult to began with n u just made it harder n like I said it could've definitely used more warm ups n other yoga poses.

  • Been really aware and mindfull of my breath when practcing with you, and i noticed today when my breath finally clicked with my body it gives a full menthol, light flowing sensation that stay with me for the whole day. Namaste ❤

  • great video Adriene, will deffo look into more foundation videos 🙂 merci

  • Has anyone on here broken their tibia plateau before? I just tried this and had sharp pain in the knee that was broken (this also happens to me in bridge pose 😔). I’m wondering if eventually it will strengthen or if I should just stop doing these poses? Thanks! Xx

  • Check at out my Stay at Home Yoga page. It's good for noobs. Also I love you Adriene! Thank you for this video. I have a buttback. Lol! So I'm struggling a bit.

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