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  • Take it easy today but still get the body moving and energy flowing for optimal recovery! ✌️

  • As a rugby player with two hip impingements, I can say this is helping my recovery big time 👌

  • I'm in pretty good shape, never really did much yoga. I went into this thinking it would be a cakewalk. Nope.

  • I found this video two weeks ago, after a three year "break" from yoga. This video kicked my ass – I had to pause and go to child's pose multiple times, but I got through it. After two weeks of daily practice I can now get through this video almost effortlessly, a testament to the value of committing to daily stretching, breathing, and mindfulness. I look forward to yoga everyday now. Thanks for the great content.

  • One of the best active recovery sessions I’ve done. Thanks 🙏🏼

  • This is a perfekt "the-day-after-bikram-session". Thank you Flo. Namaste.

  • I work out consistently and I couldn’t make it through this vid lol. I definitely need to work on my mobility and other areas

  • Is it okay if I find this very difficult?

  • Just tried this as I’m on a rest day from lifting and I was all tensed and muscles hurting and I actually now feel so good! I have subscribed straight away and am gonna do this on my rest days always now. Thanks Flo. 👍🌈🙏

  • I wanna stretch not sleep …

  • Great practice, nice balance between strength and stretch for me, thank you Flo 🙏🏽

  • Id like yoga if you just said stretching because the yoga concept is satanic

  • Absolutely one of my favorite yoga videos on YouTube. The energy, tone, and flow of poses is fantastic and effective.

  • Who else came for the thumbnail but stayed cause he's actually a great instructor..? lmao

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