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  • I have a question: I am very flexible and can comfortably drop all the way down with flat feet and hang out in this position. Obviously keeping my spine straight and chest lifted is the challenge, but there is no effort required for the legs and but, my perineum would touch the floor if my femur were shorter. Now my question: Is there supposed to be tension in the glutes so the pelvis doesn't tuck forward? So that the natural curve of the lumbar spine is kept? Like when you weighlift and your back is supposed to be in the same form whatever you do? Because with me, the pelvis tucks under if I let it go, and the lumbar spine curves forward.

  • Omg this was difficult!! 😂😂

  • Calling you out Adrienne for supporting the BLM Marxist thugs. Their platform is a lie and they are nothing but agitators driven on by the enemies of America and multi billioners whose goal is to eliminate the middle class. Get educated. I certainly unsubscribed.


    අනෙකුත් දේශීය විශේෂයන් සමඟ ඇති බැඳීම සහ ඔවුන්ගේ සදාකාලික ගෞරවය සඳහා

  • Interesting this is. Mala means impurity ~ this asana usually is done by most Indians every morning when the empty the Bowels (Empty the Mala~impurity) and this is the posture used and hence Mala-asana or the posture in which you sit to $hit. Mala which is also (Pronounced as maalaa which means garland) has become the Garland pose in the West. Also these days doctors are recommending people to use squatty potty for people with colon disorders, if you have an Indian style toilet that is not needed. Just my 1 cent here.

  • needed this. Good connecting with the ancestors. Been doing frog pose with the kiddies for a while now and finally good to have a lil context around it for us adults 🙂

  • Wow, thank you so much for explaining this in-depth, im just beginning to explore this pose and your tutorial was very helpful!!!!

  • Thanks. I'll add the swaying back and forth.

  • I'm here from the 30 days of Yoga Breath Series, learning more about hip openers. Thank you for sticking with us all these years, Adriene!

  • Not even the right posture.
    First of all, the name Garland Pose is wrong, the original name is Malasana Mal= Poo , Asana = Posture , this pose is to smoothen your motion. More importantly , you start this pose from a standing position not from a bent position.

  • quelqu'un sait comment on peut traduire cette video en français ? help !!! et merci !!

  • Probably you won't even read this comment on this vedio now, but just in case you do,
    I was about to start on a vedio of yours and I suddenly felt my knees heavy. It made me bend down the knees and then into a somewhat garland pose. My knees were a bit closer but not completely. And hands in anjali mudra, heels were up. I felt something inside me, something positive, but I don't know what that was. The vedio kept going, I didn't feel the urge to pause it. Gradually all thoughts disappeared from my mind. I kept staring at my hands. About 5 minutes went by, and then I felt that energy zoom out me and I collapsed on my hips. I was in utter shock. I searched for the pose and found it. I looked for your vedio and I'm gonna stick with this pose from now on.

    I don't know what that was, but surely was for good only.

  • Thank you for giving me the confidence to try this new pose! 🤟🏻

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