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  • Thank you

  • I've been practicing the three Chair Yoga routines you've offered. They're wonderful and much needed when I want to feel centered, especially during a chaotic day. I do wish there were more routines available.

  • Thank you. I was reluctant to try this because I didn't want to feel like a piece of crap if I couldn't do it. But I could do most of it and I feel BETTER. I feel encouraged to try again tomorrow and keep working at increasing my mobility. I was a body builder that randomly had a virus attack and damage my heart.. I'm slowly crawling my way back towards health.. Thanks again.

  • Super

  • Perfect. Seems just right for my body. I found years ago that breath work has helped chronic pain. Drs laughed at me.┬áSo glad that I found Dr. Furlan and to your channel. The chair yoga chi gong is a pleasure for this achy body.

  • Do you hold your breath for five counts or do you take 5 breaths

  • Thank you! Great short session which can be done throughout the day. I, also, do the 30 min. session.

  • Thank you for sharing. Great workout.

  • oh i have chronic pain this is so do i ask a question?

  • My favorite morning routine

  • Thanks much. Very helpful! Quick question: How often thoughout the day should I do chair yoga? Thanks again, Toney

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