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  • That felt great!!

  • Thank you. I've got a neck upwards injury and thought I couldn't do yoga for months but I was able to do this as we're sitting up all the time. I feel a sense or normality so thank you

  • Hello K! I’m a beginner, age 50, been enjoying and benefitting from your 30-60 minute beginner stretches & sessions. Dawning on me how what seems like a little to a novice can mean a lot in a short time. I’m looking for a little advice: The basic cross-legged sitting position quickly causes fatigue in my inner(groin?)/top thighs, especially the right. This has been the case since I was a teenager – great inflexibility in that area. Any suggestions? Thanks, love your channel.

  • I just cannot say enough wonderful things! This is my 10 th diff video. 1st comment. I do small weight cardio b4 vinyasa yoga every other day. I recently was diagnosed with an autoimmune kidney disease called iga nethropathy. My drs said i had to quit retail management or risk amputation due to the vasculitis that came from my kidney disease. Im overweight slightly. Im not here about weight loss. Im here bc im 43 with 3 kids and my husband has a cvid not to be confused with covid19. I need to be healthy and strong as well as grounded. Ive gone thru dbt therapy for mental health and there are yoga principles in that. I just love your classes. I feel better about myself and ability after your classes. You are a true blessing to me and to anyone who watches. Ty from the bottom of my heart.

  • Thanks Kassandra. Another awesome full body gentle stretch. Finding our inner strength in this fall season. Slower & being patient as we ease into the fall.
    Our internal clock changing. Much love & blessings as we continue to keep safe & well. The light in me see the light in you💕

  • Great one!

  • Kassandra, thank you for this wonderful seated practice. I have knee arthritis that was acting up this morning and this was just the perfect practice to get a good stretch without putting excess pressure on my knee. Great way to start the day.

  • I love this yoga sequence, thank you Kassandra more power to you.

  • Perfect for waking up in the morning. Thank Kassandra 🙂

  • Thanx 🙏

  • Wonderful! Namaste.

  • This felt fantastic!

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