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  • I've been meaning to get into yoga for what must be at least 10 years now! Your videos are really relaxing to listen to as I'm working actually 😀

    I have suffered with lower back pain for a long time now, nothing chronic, just an annoyance really. I've spent so much of my life sat in front of a computer, coupled with a very labor intensive kitchen porter job as a school kid. I think yoga might really be able to help me but I suppose i've just never made time for it 🙂

  • I've been having a very stressful, busy week and desperately needed some rest and mindfulness in my day: this sequence got me there! Finally feeling calm and clear-headed for the first time in days. Thank you, Maris.

  • I think about the cycle of life while practicing with this video. It's great to think with your music. Thank you for creating this wonderful environment for us to do yoga.

  • You are so gorgeous!

  • Thank you for the great practice. Really appreciated the tips in bound angle pose.

  • Love your classes)

  • Experiencing some rather severe cervical vertigo, so this very gentle stretch was just enough as long as I was very careful. Thank you, as always!

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