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  • Modifications please! At 3:56, I don't have the flexibility to bring my hands to the floor, and I have an abundant mid-section. How can I modify this practice? At 7:05, what is a substitute for "half pigeon?" I can't stack my legs as you show. At 12:25 I can't bend forward due to an abundant belly (and a challenged back and really tight hamstrings) What do you recommend? At 18:40 holding a strap around my leg I can only lift my leg to about 40 degrees above the ground, this makes the "gentle stretch and hold" a work out for my stomach and arms. Any modifications here? At 20:35 "thread the needle" is not available for me. What other stretches would work here? Thank you for your video and service!

  • let's put acro yogas

  • This is what i need. Solution for Pain in the lower extremities.

  • You have no idea how much this helped me. Great job!! Need more videos like this to relieve low back herniated disks …that causes Sciatia piriformis tight hip and hamstrings…..

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