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  • Would you please tell me where I can purchase the same massaging tool that “dream edge” ?

  • Hope I can add to the conversation here! From what I'm finding clinically, the onset of tennis elbow has much to do with subtle neck dysfunction . There are still clearly some elbow-specific issues that need to be addressed, but the neck may hold the key to understanding why the elbow becomes an issue in the first place. If anyone's interested, I have put together a simple video for my patients explaining the link and some basic exercises to address! Hope it helps!

  • It works. I'm shocked. It really works, thank you Kristie. I wish I could take back the $180 I spent on my local Physio and give it to you. That guy has no idea. You know what you are doing. I've had a pain now for over 6 weeks. Tried so many things. 95%-99% of my pain is now gone in 5mins. Will keep using the technique to clear it all. xx

  • This video helped me so much. Relieved my tennis elbow dramatically in 2 sessions

  • Thank you I wasn’t able to straighten my arm but after I watched this video I was able to straighten my arm thanks also how long will it take for my tennis elbow to go away

  • Thank you for this. I did it last night and it felt better. This morning feeling elbow stabbing and forearm soreness again. I want to repeat your massage protocol and I’m wondering… as long as it feels good and doesn’t feel painful can I massage my forearm as often as it feels good? Or need I let it rest in between treatments? And if so how long?

  • Thank u mam..
    I felling better

  • I need one of these for golfers😔

  • Obliged I hope your blessed

  • These are symptomatic relief techniques , but don't address the issue .

  • I have too try it.
    Thank you

  • Dr. Ennis Telbow

  • I am so thankful that I found this video now I can get back to dirt bike riding thank you!!!

  • Thank you – after watching your video – I followed your instruction the same day my elbow got better instantly. The second day almost 100% 🙂 Thanks again for your help.

  • Wonderful tennis advice I did it twice and the first time not so we'll but the second time it worked! At least 70 percent where I can do most anything without pain except playing tennis… Well but I'm so happy no more pain to do my regular chores….

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