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  • Oh the head and heart connection!

    It happens. Our emotions get the best of us, we can get in our own way and even get wrapped up in things that at our core don’t even truly matter.

    Know the feeling?

    I thought so.

    A healthy head and heart connection helps us to discern what serves our energetic state and process things in a way that teaches us to learn to love and love to learn.

    While life by it’s very nature cannot always be coming up roses, taking responsibility for your energetic state should remain your priority.

    When our emotional state is balanced we are able to raise our coherence levels and get to that feeling of POSITIVITY.

    Positive emotions allow for the systems of the body to work together creating that feeling of balance and well-being. SAY IT LOUD…SELF LOVE!

  • Thank you Adriene for all the lovely super gut and nice lessens

  • You're such a sweet heart. Thank you! I look forward to listening to the full conversation with you and Russell Brand 💜🙏

  • Thank you for this 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  • It's been such a long time since I last practiced yoga and give time to myself, listen to my body. I missed that a lot..
    But this morning I wake up, I decided not to rush into work and have a little self love for me. And this yoga session with you is s very good kick-start of my day.

    Thank you Adriene!! ♥️ Thank you for sharing your moments with us

  • Ah! Benjie is doing his favourite pose – Shavasan (Sleeping pose). :p

  • Thank you so much Adriene 💓 You are a blessing 😊

  • Love this one!!! <33

  • Wonderful! Truly invigorating! ❤️

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