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  • What if I do not have a chair to study?

  • Thanks so much!

  • What if it's a closed chair. Like you couldn't get your hips out and back against it. Can you please make a video for that type of chair?

  • Dont google figging.

  • Yeah it worked but sometimes when I'm taking notes from laptop, I tend to slough forward because I have to reach for my notebook.
    Although I found this sitting position much more comfortable.

  • Thanks a lot from Russia! You helped me a lot. Now it’s important to accustom my brain to this

  • You are a magician, i never felt so comfortable while sitting. Thank you!

  • I'm confused what about a sofa ?

  • Маленькие сиськи – добра не жди!

  • Что она хоть говорит?😏

  • WOW!! Instant results. Life-changing. Thank you!!! (why don't they teach this in school??)

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