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  • Hey! unrelated question to the video. But i have this pain in my right bicep. Probably from gaming or something alike. Do you have any tips for that?

  • Both of you are credibly amazing instructors/therapists! This has helped me so greatly and I appreciate it so very much! I know 🎶🎵the leg bones connected to the…🤣🤣🤣,
    🎶…THEREFORE, joking aside, could you please WORK downwards to my ANKLES AND FEET! Please?
    My extension digitorum longus and Peroneus Turtius is killing me! Does this anatomy relate to flat feet, prolapsed feet, pronation of feet?
    Your channel DESCRIBES the? How? WHY? And Where? What to do Better than any other!!!!💕👍😊🙏💕 WHAT EXERCISES can we do to strengthen and help with pronation and collapsing feet! So MANY PEOPLE SUFFER from this I’m certain a video would help thousands of grateful people!

  • Hi Dr Jo and Trudy. Thank you for this awesome therapeutic yoga for hip pain. I’m a big fan Dr Jo.

  • So apparently I have tight muscles in my pelvic floor and extra bone in my hip join because of cross country as a teen and a damaged Iliad nerve. (Starting pt soon but not soon enough) Will these help?

  • Thankyou dr jo 👍

  • Tq dr. Jo for this hip stretch. My hip is much better now 👍👍👍

  • What if you have a leg length discrepancy of over 17mm (over 1/2)?

  • Hey this has alleviated alot of pain in both my hips, before the pain was unbearable.

  • I sprained my pelvis a few weeks back and after I doing this once I'm able to put a bit more pressure on my leg to walk without too much pain off my crutches. I'll keep at it. Thanks!!

  • Wonderful

  • Thanks for the video. I´ve been feeling a kind of left outer hip pain lately and basically I can´t stand and bend forward as it pulls and it hurts. I´m usually pretty bendy and I suspect I must have pulled something on that hip. Could you both help pleas? xx

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