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  • Thank you very much for doing this brother, you motivate me!

  • Really great explanation and good energy. You make a great teacher. First time seeing your video, now subscribed and looking forward to more

  • Благодарю, друг, очень позитивная позиция. Хорошая рекомендация для растяжения связок колен. 👌👌

  • 🕉️ OM 🙏

  • All good but nityanandam sloka too bad

  • GOD loves u 🍭🧈🌈🍯🥕🥕🌈🍭🧈🌈🍯

  • Maybe the first video that helped me to understand that I can do it. Because other people are very good at it but don't explain the way or have a very good ground-flex and don't have to go that way. Thank You!!!

  • I love it! I'm amazed no one has suggested practicing throughout the day before now

  • Thanks glad I found this

  • Love hip openers, I’m back again

  • how your hair got soo long ?? it looks amazing

  • i can sit in padma asana but i cant go longer than 20 mins, my foot start to get numb and achy but im going to do everything u said in the video, thank u

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