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  • thank you

  • thank you, it worked

  • Thank you sooo much!!! It worked so well for me

  • Thanks

  • This is such a great tip. I was able to get the asana in a couple of days itself

  • Mam my legs pain in padmansa.

  • Superb 👍👌

  • How long do I have to do it?

  • Kya ye kon online class me bejta hai🤬😡😵

  • Thanks. Earlier it was difficult..

  • Okay I tried this and damn it HURTS! I know I'm not stretchy, but I can't even get my heels andywhere near to my hip bones. Still, I can pull off a half-hearted version of this and THAT still hurts like hell for me! I can barely maintain the position for 60 seconds, and when I exit it my legs just explode like springs. I'm gonna keep practicing maybe, and eventually I might become stretchier.

  • When I do this I feel pain in right leg why this happening ….I am unable to do this continue ..

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