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  • If you wish to practice live online classes with me, please click the link below and register yourself for the classes after which you can take the subscriptions. These classes are beginner-friendly and yes these are paid, classes. see you soon 😊

    How to pay your fees online

    1. Go to

    2. Sign in. NOTE: You’ll need to Register first if you are a new student.

    3. Click on “Fees” at the top of the screen

    4. Carefully choose the plan of your choice.

    5. Click on the “Pay Now” Button

    6. Review all of the details carefully

    7. Click on “Make payment”. And pay using any of the various payment methods available.

  • For how many days should we practice only Preparatory stages before Full padmashan ?
    everyday after predatory stage can we practice full padmashana?

  • 虽然听不懂,但我看懂了,谢谢你们

  • Well teaching well performed

  • Thanks guys,it was pretty cool…
    I did within minutes'…

  • Very helpful 👍 👍👍

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