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  • Made a video on maintaining extra fat of body and diet regarding that.

  • Hi, thank you for this piece of the puzzle. 🙂 I'm trying to put all the puzzle pieceis together that apply to my very complicated case. Making it simple, I am 40 and I have one leg longer than the other by a difference of more than 1cm (centimeter). This has been spotted in the last 2 years, and now I have a lift in my shorter leg shoe. When PT saw me he said "you are a complete mess" LoL. I'm pretty sure that what are you talking about applies well to my longer side: anterior pelvic tilt, shortened hip flexor, hamstring and low back tight (as well as the ITB), low abs and gluteus weak. My longer leg is slightly intrarotated and flexing (squatting) on it is quite "mechanic" and difficult due to the tightness that starts from the hips and goes all the way down to my ankles. I think that somewhat the opposite dynamics happen for my shorter side… Did you ever deal with cases like this? Do you think this reasoning of mine as a logic? Thanks for your time and good explainations.

  • Isnt bridging bad for your neck?

  • When i do that first stretch i dont feel a stretch in my hip flexor it only hurts my knees

  • Great job. I had recently moved from calisthenics to a stint of weight lifting and my back began arching over time. Hadn't realized how many of these exercises I was doing with the calisthenics. Keep up the great work.

  • Thanks for this. I have a l5 to s1 protrusion and this is the only excercise where o dont hurt my back.

  • Awesome video… I'll try some of these 2morw

  • For the past year my back has hurt so much when I sleep that I would wake up with back pain and couldn’t go back to sleep ! Thank you . I will work on these areas every morning and night

  • Does it work still if I have back rolls ?

  • I Can dO thiS 3 times a Day…???

  • Hi Doc just seeing this and its already helping, I’m pretty fit and active but posture is for shit, do you recommend any braces to help with this?

  • when will we start seeing results

  • this may sound weird, but wear tighter clothes so we can se exactly how the body should look! I think it'd be helpful

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