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  • Question!! Id like to see the view of your back leg. I'm focusing on driving the knee and ankle down but I feel that it automatically makes my back leg rise up st the hip and butt. Is this common? Or is it just proving that my back hip (externally) isn't flexible enough??

  • For me one side is much harder to do this than the other. Hard to even sit up straight on one side. But the other side I can easily. I wonder why such an imbalance. I regularly workout and even do yoga etc.

  • I feel nothing when doing this. Can you be too flexible for this exercise

  • I have been doing this stretch as well as others for about a year for low back pain. Thanks for correcting my mistake of rounding my back when i flex forward.

  • Ahh..where did you get those training pants? Thanks man

  • Awesome video that breaks down how to perform this movement.

    Can you explain, from a biomechanics standpoint, what this is for? What does doing this movement correct, is it muscle weakness-? what does it improve?
    Speaking for myself, it helps me perform exercises or movements better when I understand what they are for.
    thank you

  • Great video. I really like how you explain all the composites of the stretch. I believe yoga calls this "deer pose". One important distinction; you pronated, not supinated your hand. An anatomy professor of mine taught me this distinction by scooping his hand as if he were cradling a bowl of soup.

  • Thank you! This changed everything for me

  • Thank you, I was doing them wrong 🙂

  • 90 90 tutorial is grea. Big help.

  • Thanks, must go practice love your gentle realistic approach

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