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  • Thank you very much. This is very detailed yet so simple to understand

  • Excellent video, the anatomical description was very useful. Thank-you!

  • In south india
    We have sitting chair
    Called iripalaka {piece of wooden plank 5" height}

  • your videos are very informative. They scare me a bit because there are so many nuances to every posture. What we may think is the correct posture might actually be harming our bodies. Thanks for all the information.

  • I'd love to see a series in which you explain how to perform individual yoga poses perfectly along with adjustments for people who can't.

  • Thank you. I have struggled with this for years and most yoga teachers don't explain or give ways to achieve a good posture. Recently I've discovered that having a block works for me and now I know why 🙏

  • Very well explained

  • Very helpful, thanks very much!

  • some people have a restriction in one of the hips abduction when squating or sitting (due to lack of mobility flexibility there). This can cause a lateral pelvic tilt when sitting. Is there a specific group of positions that can help increase adduction and external rotation on one side,

  • That was great! Thank you so much.

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