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  • Hi sir, How many repetitions and duration in a day should be followed for these 5 exercises?

  • You’re great teacher sir

  • Cheers legend. Thank you 🙏

  • धन्यवाद्


  • My left leg is flexible and my right right leg cannot get into any folding position. I am trying and it's extremely painful. How long would it take to learn to sit cross legged. I could do it when I was a child.

  • What about ppl in 50’s with bad knees

  • Sir, kitne din baad chokdi lagni start ho gayegi or kitne mintue ye exercise kerne hai,please reply

  • I'm 59 years old and have osteo arthritic knees. So the 1st kneeling exercise is painful for me. I also can't put my ankle on the knee in the last exercise. Are there modifications for these exercises for older people with knee and hip flexibility problems?

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