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  • Hi Bri! I was wondering if you could help me by giving your opinion on yoga ball chairs. I’m currently trying to correct my posture with mindfulness, a back brace and following along to your videos…I need to buy a chair for my desk and a ball chair boasts many core and spinal benefits. I don’t believe everything because it’s more about how you’re sitting vs what you’re sitting on.. but do you think a chair like this is a good investment?

  • My theory is this is the reason why many people sleep in the cradle position. Because many bodies are so use to being in that position already

  • As I learn proper posture I realize how weak I am. The biggest thing I have learned is how much I have been jetting my ribs out and how different I feel when I am in good alignment. I'm loving your channel. Thank you.

  • I workout 4 or 5x weekly and I have pelvic floor pain. What is the best lower body exercises to do that will also keep my legs in shape?

  • I know this is a year later but do you have any advice for the car? I drive for work and have found my posture is terrible since.

  • I have really bad body posture and I am also very unconfident

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you so much for the great information 😊. I'm still in recovery from an abdominal hysterectomy (uterine prolapse) and rectocele surgery. Is resting in a recliner or upright on the bed a bad thing to be doing right now? I don't think I can sit like that on a chair for very long and can only take short walks so "lounging" has become my only other option. Thank you!

  • Thank you veeeery much!

  • this knowledge and practice should be taught in schools. this was really helpful and i hope i can catch myself more. i struggle to relax in my room when i try to use the correct posture, i need to tweak my room a little maybe a new desk with the correct level and all that and i should stop sitting in my bed just because its becoming winter

  • Wonderful instruction! Thank you again!

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