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  • The english is not good., So fast speaking and not good pronunciation 🙄🙄

  • My wife pregnant running 3 months always pray for safety ❤❤❤

  • Horrible video! Hurts listen to that!

  • You are speaking fast

  • Thank you ❤️

  • Telugu lo cheppochuga andaru English vachina vallu untaraa

  • im pregnant 6 month

  • Taragles, pakatulin magsalita

  • Do this.
    Henceforth teach your children that there is nothing called as ghost or vampire. Cinema is fooling us.
    Take care of your child's psychology as its very detrimental when fear is infused at young age. Fear affects their life at all stages in many ways we can"t even imagine. Please understand the propoganda of mind programming. Do not allow them to watch the useless things.

  • Please sir is harmful for a pregnant woman to fall in a steps case with her bumbum please let's me know if it's have infects

  • I'm 2 months pregnant pray for me

  • Plzz sb mary liye pray karan k mare pregnancy safe rahy ameen

  • I'm pregnant please pray for me

  • My doctor said as long as I am comfortable sleeping on my stomach is fine

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