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  • Felt my hip snapping post groin strain. When can I start? After recovery or during?
    Also, lately I have started feeling minor tingling in my toes on the affected side. Is that a contraindication for these exercises?

  • Jo , my right hip groin pops lateral movement.. and my left thigh hip doesn’t but always tight only when stretched And I am sore when doing the right hip leg raise thing …..what’s happening,,

  • This is gonna sound weird, but I’m not sure what’s going on with my hip.

    Whenever I squeeze my left Glute, I get a popping sensation in my hip. Is this considered snapping hip syndrome?

  • I don't like working out anymore because my hips always pop. The popping doesn't hurt but it's just really annoying

  • (subscriber here) I have the problem with my left hip and my lower back, but with stretching and exercising I'm kinda solving the problem. However, the biggest issue of mine is the lower abdomen area, left side more so than the right. I'm having that problem for almost 5 months now, sometimes it's not that bad so I can workout and get away with a small amount of pain and discomfort, but pretty often, especially if I work on my abs, it gets pretty inflamated, tender and painful. The difference in lower abdominal muscles are even palpable (left one is a bit firmer and larger, like there's something beneath) so it was firstly diagnosed as lower abdomen sprain, but thats just not it. Was running, playing tennis, working out in general and I simply wouldnt be able to do that with muscle sprain. I'm still waiting for some of the examinations and physical therapist appointments, but in the meantime I could use some help. So, my question is, could the illiopsoas syndrome be the reason of my ache?

  • Another excellent video. I felt relief while stretching. Thank you again Dr Jo!

  • hi dr jo, i subscribed long time ago, i have a question, i don't know i have external or internal snapping hip syndrome, i can't find a video to determine it, can i still do your exercises in this video? thanks

  • Tnq very much

  • Both my hips pop (internal where my leg meets my body) when I go from sitting to standing. The left one has suddenly got much worse and now I can’t click it, so can’t weight bear on that leg. Help! It’s sooo painful if I try to stand up straight. I need to pop it to get stability but it won’t do it anymore!

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