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  • Great work now I can bend easly

  • I like tiπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Amazing explanation, but more amazing thing is you are reply on every question asked on this channel. Thumbs up

  • Thank you!! another brik o book on the floor!! that's the key. Namaste

  • My calf muscles hurts when I try to do that will u be able to give any solution to this situation?

  • can you please tell me for how long I should hold in the bending position and how many times I should repeat it?

  • So wonderfully explained. Thank you so much

  • thanska lot for this tip. quick question, how much time does it takes to have it complete? normally. I am flexible and practicing yoga already. will hear it form you.

  • After doing a stretch routine off and on for many years, I just did it again but in front of a reflection. I saw my very rounded back, and realized it looked nothing like the photo on my routine.

    Your video just showed me not only that I was doing it wrong, but how to improve! I'll be following the advice on these videos!

  • A very good technique for any age group. 7or 17 days are depended upon the individual's body condition.
    Respecting you both for introducing and teaching YOGA.
    Thank you very much.

  • How many seconds or minutes should we hold that

  • When i do like this i don't feel any stretch in my legs. Then how will i improve?

  • Hi i came to this channel as i was searching for light on yoga by b k s iyenger course online … could u please start a series as per that book it will be really helpful. Thank you . Namaste.

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