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  • I watch this video each day for my practise. I might need to mix it up a bit but i enjoy it.

  • I've been doing Iyengar Yoga with certified teachers for 5 years and this video has helped me a lot to practice at home. It is obviously not for beginners and not a substitute for in-class training with an instructor there to correct us but to me, the verbal directions are good and extensive and it is great to supplement regular practice with an instructor. For people who have limitations or injuries (as I do), they should already know how to adapt the postures from practicing in-class with their instructor, and what postures to skip because it's beyond their capabilities at the moment.

  • If you're suffering from back pain, depression, menopause and other ailments them Iyengar Yoga might be for you.
    means its good for me?
    what care should i be taking?

  • I just loved!! Thank you very much!!

  • As a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher I can tell that you are not an Iyengar teacher!! You are breaching copy right calling it 'Iyengar" Yoga!! Your practise looks like anything goes!!

  • Thank you…this is so instructional for beginners

  • I've been doing this video almost every day now for a year, its the best Iyengar video on youtube. I wish she'd do more but I can't find any.

  • sorry there are lot of mistakes this is not iyengar Yoga, distance to short in lot of Asanas, no work in asanas, speaking during practise is nor practise nor teaching, dont say waht you are dooing we see waht you do, speak haow to do, why to do which, energie, which thinking which muscels and so what actions, ther si nor holding at all no holding no breatingis natually coming, busy busy busy

  • I really loved the instruction. Helped me to feel my asanas more deeply. 🙏

  • I love your you tube video. This is what I used to do Iyengar yoga several years' ago. You put slot afford in explain the right technique. I am thrilled to find your tube video.

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