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  • Doctor Jo I made a motorcycle accident 2yrs ago and had an external fixator for 10 months now I can't bend my knee for more than 80° and was just asking if I started to do these great exercises now, would it help?
    I hope you read my comments and I hope you reply

  • I’m recovering from a Tibial Plateau Shatter Surgery , I have 3 Plates in my Lnee and 20 Screws and 4 Raft Pins and Screws, It’s been a Month and I still have no Rang only stretching but no bend yet … 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Hi dr jo. I had surgery for a distal femur fracture. It’s been hard for me to get range of motion in my knee lately. I do better standing up but when I’m on my back trying to do the heel drags it’s a bit discomforting. Any advice?

  • Hello, I have an important question for me, how is it going with sitting and standing from the chair or sitting on the floor and then standing up? How do I relieve the pain of the knees while getting up from the chair, without the need to cling to what surrounds me before standing up?

  • I have always struggled to slid my leg down after bending it after knee Arthroscopy. Like when you say slid back down I find my knee pops and get a lot of resistance doing this movement. How can I work on this?

  • Hey joe hope u fine
    Tell me Name of d brand of your modality
    I like it 🙂

  • TX

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