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  • As usual, great explanation. Drawings are fine for me!

  • I like the drawing. Good stuff.

  • Drawing are fine 🙂 Thanks

  • Yeah. Very clear. I am used to bend knees cuz l really can't keep my leg straight to complete this. My hamstring is very tight so my Coach suggested me to bend knees.

  • Hi Anthony, sketches are perfect !

    So this is one of my favorite subject, but still a bit blurred … 
    About forward fold, fasten your seatbelt, here's what in my head, all questions at once :

    – Isn't it a passive stretch, so why should I do this ? (though I LOOOOVE it)
    – If I listen to people like Stuart Mc Gill, folding forward is a lot of strain and shear forces for the vertebral column, so I might prefer to keep normal curves as much as I can, but then, no more stretch in the back chain isn't it ?
    – Yes, but still, it's a passive stretch, and a non functional position, so who cares of the stretch ?
    – But according to some other people, very clever too, stretching the thoracolumbar fascia is a way to avoid lumbar pain, and most of the people with lumbar pain have tight lower backs. So let's fold forward naturally and choose the way legs are, according to sensations…

    – So, with bent knee, I fold forward. But then, it's not an hamstring stretch anymore isn't it ? So what's the point ? and I can feel a lot of strain at the origin of my hamstrings instead of being a place of rest in a posture of release and let go…
    – Of course, because my hamstring is resisting in short position against the weight of the pelvis tilting…

    And There's a lot more in my head, help !

    I understand these are intentions and choices we can make with a 1 2 1 class, according to the biography and the sensations of the person.
    What about group classes ? I'm a yoga teacher, what choices do I make to teach movement to a lot of people at the same time ? What is my intention ?
    And what about all those methods who choose to teach in the same way for ALL the people ?

    Any thoughts ? I'm lost… Merci !

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