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  • Nobody wants to start with A everybody wants to start with Z , that's the problem, take what univers gives you , and you'll be the highest you could be ,

  • Very interesting.. I experienced the full Kundalini Awakening, after only two kundalini yoga sessions.. the effects were immense and I was overwhelmed with energy which caused fainting spells.. it was the one of the most blissful experiences I've ever experienced in my life.. He was right about rapid life changes, after learning to rebalance my energetic centers with a microcosmic orbit meditation, the fainting aspects dissapated.. it took a few days to find that blessing..

    Blessings from the
    Sanctuary of the Beloved,

    Shri Riley Aria

  • Kundalini ascended quickly and up the Pingala Nadi in Pandit Gopi Krishna and he almost went insane because of it.

  • To anyone that’s had a kundalini awakening it’s obvious that this guy’s understanding of kundalini is purely academic and not experiential.

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