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  • That first one is awesome!

  • Matt, what do you think of cossack squats (with light weight) to help tight adductors?

  • I just did these and now see my foam roller as obsolete!

  • people will only think you look weird if they are stupid

  • Yes, I agree – pain does suck.

  • Yep this is me. Desk jockey/recovering corporate slave with loads of hip pain and super tight abductors. Thank you!

  • If i do this in my work, my coleagues will call me crazy 🙂

  • you can't do this shit in a car!

  • Easy to do in the handicap stall of any restroom!

  • Fantastic!

  • Peas (muscles) in pain inside a pod. Humor is tereupy…

  • I visited a sports massage therapist, and they weren't much help. After looking online frantically, I think this is one of my issues. Thank you for your video 🙂

  • Thanks for this. I've tried everything but the tightness is still there. Will try this technique.

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