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  • Thank you so much for this it was so helpful. I was following your advice and I can already feel a massive difference💞

  • WHAT? After trying the hip circle thing I was able to get into some kind of tippy-toe almost lotus position?! Wow I didn't think I could do that! But I can feel a little tiny stretch in one of my knees so I'll try to be careful and work on it slowly

  • Absolute mastery, thanks

  • Namaste, You offered a great explanation. I always stopped at Ardha Padmasana. I always felt pain and thought there was a problem in my knee or left leg. Now I understand why. It's inflexibility in hips. Thanks so much. I believe after 25 years + of trying unsuccessfully, finally I will be able to do it finally.

  • Very informative and practical techniques

  • Omg I actually did it wtf😂💪💪

  • One of the best explanations i've seen so far. Thanks!

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