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  • nice extension mate

  • Hey, thanks for the video. Do you think that working out can be a preventive measure against back pain?

  • Thanks broo

  • Thanks a million ❤️
    that stretch really relived me

  • Subscribed! Jeff this is really interesting and you explain things very well. My issue are the l5/s1 facet joints, I have no pain down my legs but 'pins and needles' in my feet. When I get out of my car I always arch back and that definitely helps, I'm still a bit nervous about doing the Mackenzie extension though, 15 to 20 mins sounds a long time….

  • Superb stuff. Now why not try to tackle low back issues when reclining. Very hard to find a comfortable reclining chair. Some of us can’t get to a DC because of walking limitations. So shopping for chairs is impossible. Thanks

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