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  • This is perfect for me. Thanks. 😘

  • So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Hi Kait total beautiful and amazing and inspiring Yoga video Kait please 🙏 do more Yoga videos Kait just woundering when your going to do my Pilates Request Kait for inversion inverted bycle and scissors in the air and feet and thanks Kait for always Shareing and inspiring Kait beautiful from the tip of your Nose to the Tip of your Beautiful Feet and Toes Kait 😊 ❤ 😘 💖 😀 💕 😊 ❤ 😘 💖 😀 💕 😊

  • Namaste, I am grateful that the ancient wisdom of India and Hinduism ( yoga and meditation) is being appreciated and adapted all over the world now…

  • Thanks for this, very timely as I'm still in lockdown and still working from home so I badly need some midday stretches! If you get to give us tips about wrist pain or how you care for your wrists, that would be much appreciated as spending time on a keyboard is not physiological at all. Thanks for all the content you're sharing! ❤❤❤

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