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  • Great offering for beginners! Reminds me I need to add Lolasana back to my teachings😉

  • Happy to follow you! Every week something’s new ❤️❤️

  • Thank you!

  • Happy Monday Kino! From rainy Spain! I'm away home without my mat, I did manage. Thank you. 🕉️☮️❤️

  • These tips are great!!! Simple and effective. Thank you!!

  • 🥝🍎🫐🍇

  • What a beautiful practice, it's an easy, relaxing pace but don't be fooled, you are made to work. Feel great, thank you 🌞😊

  • Oh my goodness! My first ever successful lift!! Thank you Kino!

  • I'm new to the channel but all the comments about her feet tells me there's some real weirdos that watch this channel!!! Damn y'all some very creepy individuals……

  • Hello, I just love your content ! Is it possible to know which camera and which micro you uses for your videos please ?

  • So nice practice,thank you Kino from Spain

  • What does it mean, and how should I adjust, if when I’m doing the “bird dog” the should of the arm that’s holding me up hurts? It at first just felt warm like I was working it. And then it started to hurt really badly. I couldn’t go as long as you.

  • I completed two 20 min morning practices back to back and I am hooked. I can’t wait to practice with you again.

  • are my wrists suppose to hurt?

  • Thanks for sharing this and doing such a good work.

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