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  • Remember that this fiery morning session is designed to support you as you cultivate and manifest.

    How do you feel after today's practice?

  • Thank you for this so much. I’m 46 and have got out of shape. I can’t do many of the poses you do the way you do them but you gotta start somewhere!

  • Thank you for this lovely practice. Nearly every time you said, “listen to your breath” my old cat sighed while purring. I couldn’t hear my own breath over his if I wanted 🤣
    We love your show, thank you, Adriene.

  • Did this practice in the evening because it’s always morning somewhere ☀️🥰

  • Adriene kicked my butt… mindfully

  • Thank you

  • This is a wonderful way to start the day! 🌞 Thank you so much Adriene for sharing your time and talent with us! Many blessings to everyone! ☮ 🙏 💜

  • Good morning! That was great. Have a nice day ahead y'all 🤗🥰

  • Such an inspiring women . You give me strength to keep going, and to turn up on the mat, thanks Adriene Di from Aussie❤

  • Yay! I didn't fall on side planks!😊💪

  • I thought I wouldn't make it to the end. And suddenly I was finished. Jajaja Thanks 😊

  • Thanks alot 💜

  • Those downward dog crunches really brought out my anger. I had to shout into my mat! Why must I do this?? Why must I do everything myself?? I felt much better afterwards, a tension released.

  • So grateful for this wonderful practice with you, sweet and mindful Adriene, you are a beautiful soul. Namaste.🙏💖

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