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  • Wake up body & mind with this 17-minute gentle morning yoga routine. We stretch the whole body to relieve stiffness and tightness accumulated from the night before. We start in child's pose, gradually work our way up to standing poses, and end in mountain pose. There is also some mindful flowing movement to energize you and get you ready for your day. Soft music plays in the background.

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  • Thank you!! I too often struggle to do a practice in the morning even though it's a perfect time to slot it in with my life. This is perfect, both for the length and energetically. I felt so calm in my mind at the end, but my body felt awakened.

  • Your practices help me so much, thank you Maris!

  • I've been teaching yoga since 2015 and you taught me something new. Gentil and easy to follow. Your an awesome teacher. Keep it up. <3

  • Salamat, Maris. Just what I needed today.

  • The most beautiful morning practice I have found

  • Hi Maris, I wanted to wish u and ur family a very Merry Christmas! Practicing yoga with ur videos has been a very important part of my overall health for a little over 5y now. Thank u for sharing ur time and talent with this community!

  • Thank you very much! Love your Yoga Upload)

  • This may be my favorite morning stretch ever. I am constantly behind though with a sense of urgency to catch up. Perhaps I take longer breaths? I would love a version with very little talking. It’s a lot to process first thing in the morning. Thank you, Maris, for your soothing voice and open heart. I am a grateful monthly donor.

  • It’s a great way to begin the day: energizing, but not too strong, and gentle, but not too weak! Thanks for the content!!

  • You are so amazing, thank you for you!!!!

  • Great morning practice 🧘‍♀️ namaste 🙏 Elvira

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