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  • I was just going to pick something from your channel but then I saw this and I was like YES THIS IS SOMETHING NEW AND COOL, LET'S GO! I like doing your previous ones but I also love it when every sunday there's a fresh new one waiting. c: And I'm still going strong with my 365 days of yoga that I started on January first. It never feels like a task but like a prize. c: Love it.

  • No matter how I am feeling, practicing with you always centers me and makes me feel amazing! Thank you!

  • Anyone know where her sweater is from?

  • Thank youu <3

  • This is a nice one for early morning on exam days! 🙂

  • loved this!! made me feel so connected to my body and everything it does for me!

  • This is exactly what I needed today! Thank you

  • Quite literally smiling on my mat. Thank you!

  • Tonight was the first time my partner heard you use the phrase “Wu Tang hands”… I wish I could have seen his face, but I had already begun bending in half. Thank you, Adriene! Every video is a new adventure with you. And the kitties totally played bridge with every opportunity, tonight. Yeah, we love your show!

  • Thank you!

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