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  • Strictly speaking, what's visible at 6:29 is the aponeurosis of each external oblique muscle.

  • I discovered another trick that allows those pesky sides muscles to relax: lie down on my back with a yoga block on its narrow side placed under my sacrum (with buttocks hanging loose, not supported) while breathing deeply. Legs bent or extended, thighs rotated inwards.

    In this special position I can put my fingers into the area on the inside of my pelvis and also knead the muscles that go around the back and after a minute or so experience that relaxed feeling. But in other positions it's difficult to isolate and disconnect those "exhalation muscles" from the front (RA).

    Interestingly, I can do side-to-side nauli just fine, but I have trouble with rolling the front of the belly (or whatever that's called).

  • Most important information for me 😊 thanks

  • Danke🙏💚graçias💥thankyou💃🏻Made my day..

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