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  • I almost broke my fucking leg.

  • Super

  • Hindi bolo ji

  • Padmas only obey uniformity. Yogi teachers never. 'ಸ೦ಧ್ಯಾವ೦ದನೆ ಸಾವಿರ ತರಹ'.

  • Madam before doing padmasana we have to do the warm ups of the legs which is not been shown at all

  • Can we gear ohm chanting music while doing padmasana?

  • I feel sensation in feet when i sit like this for some minutes please tell me how to overcome that! Please Reply

  • Padmaasna

  • What's the meaning of black dot in her head?

  • Is there any nerve pain specially on leg ocquere

  • Good

  • New friend here lets connect see you..!!

  • Ive tried for years and the best ever for me was about 2,3 minutes, and Im sure the posture was not quite correct 100%. And not without the knees hurt a lot. And legend has it that The Buddha Shakyamuni sat and meditated in this position for 49 days and night before he got enlightened and became a Buddha. Bodhidharma did it for 9 years in China's Shaolin. Dont know how much truth there is in the stories, its up to each individual to believe all or part of it.

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