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  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Exercises in this video here:
    Seat cushion similar to the one in this video since it's no longer available: (affiliate link)
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  • When you have a 4 hours long class in school 😢💔

  • here from playing rust for 15 hours straight

  • about to go on a plane and don’t want to be limping like last time

  • 💙 sharing!!

  • Yup. I guess were all here bcause of school

  • I work 12 hours sitting for 3yrs. now my hips hurts, and the doctor told me my hips was crooked 😔

  • What if I'm at school and I sit there for 3 hours and not able to get up

  • My pain is behind my knee.

  • It’s painful to straighten my left leg. Thanks for these tips!

  • here cause i played minecraft for 12 hours straight

  • 7,9 hours online classes . Hence I'm here

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