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  • Thank you!!! I’ve been having awful neck pain for months after sitting in bed and doing nothing during quarantine. It got so bad I had to go to a chiropractor. After finding this I can now sit completely and not have to worry about my neck ❤️

  • Legends : we always fight for custion

  • My neck feels funny behind my bed.lightheaded at times.

  • I paid a physiotherapist for this exact problem and she didn’t help me as much as this video did, thank you!

  • Ya, we need exactly like 20 pillows so I can sleep like that very comfortably.

  • I just used a yoga block for the lumbar support and I think it's working well

  • You forgot support for arm / shoulder idk

  • Your video was a huge help to me for my cervical pain. Thank you so much!

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