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  • You are awesome adriene!

  • Should the butt cheek on the bent leg side or the straight leg hip be on the floor? Too hard to see when Adriene wears dark clothes.

  • Thanks for the video. What’s the angle of the upper left thigh in the first park of the video? Is it pointing 12 o clock? It’s hard to tell from the video. Thx!

  • Thank you for this. So many people teach the 90 degree knee in the front leg and I’ve always thought it was so wrong!!

  • Thank you, that was so helpful!

  • I can't tell you in words what a blessing it has been to find your videos. So great a gift. Thank you millions from my mind, body, heart, and soul!

  • Omg- discovered Tennis after Adriene’s mentioned her…great bonus!😉

  • nice explanation, thank you very much

  • Nicely presented

  • This is perfect keep up the good work this is the most healthiest practice for your body mind an spirit 🙂 an I really quite like your videos an approach to this practice an your confidence 🙂

  • dude are you high as a kite?

  • Pigeon pose is one of my favorites as well! 🙂

  • Is it possible that i have injured my kenne and (or hips) if i didnt have a great form?

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