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  • Before my hump got worse (it’s called ATR here in Sweden, don’t know if it’s the same in English?) I used to lay and watch clips on my tablet in a compressed position for years on the side. Now when I check back, it’s the respective side I have a huge hump on. Could this be why my scoliosis got even worse?

  • I’m a new subscriber and I just want to express my appreciation for your videos! I’m relieved instantly . Thank you 😊

  • how about for a left convex c curve?? so far all sleeping positions hurt!!

  • If spine curvature can be cured with yoga..please suggest some exercises..

  • This yoga work it for rigth scoliosis?

  • I’m new subscriber from the Philippines. I was diagnosed with sciolosis. last year. I have uneven shoulder , my right shoulder is higher than my left. Any advise you can give me . Thanks.

  • sit bones are the pillars of posture for sure

  • Hi, is there any possibility of me contacting you personally to find out a bit more about my scoliosis problem? I could send you the information that I have on it and hopefully I could get your input.. I would really appreciate your advice.

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