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  • My problem is I can't get my knees close enough to my chest. Do you think that would that be an issue of hip flexor strength?

  • i tried to do this a few times…with no luck…you made it look deceivingly easy…it was beautifully executed…
    how long did it take you to do that?

  • yes…then i watched many more times…and she did say that i took her 4 years with daily practice. thank you for responding. i am very inspired by her. I will continue to practice, practice, practice. I am determined to improve. please keep posting new videos!!!!

  • good advice. thanks. i download the video.

  • Thanks for the video! Something to aspire to.

    Just to share with @sbrmetamorph & @YogiLonnie: It helped me to build core strength. I've been practising only 1 year, and I started with achieving 1) navasana (boat pose), then worked towards 2) lifted lotus pose – I find it a lot easier to lift than original tolasana with crossed ankles, and then 3) tolasana with crossed ankles, but with legs in front instead of under. I'm still working towards full pendant pose with legs under!

  • Ashtanga means 8 limbs of yoga . Since you only concern yourself with one of the limbs " asana' why don't you call it eka yoga?

  • I looked up Maaria Villela on Samadhi and found nothing.

  • Amazing

  • Very Difficult body motion  ha,,  ㅠ ㅠ My arms are too short to do this pose ,,  and I can't pull back my hip ,, Could you give me more advice? 

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