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  • Hi Jessica. Is this advisable to do even if iā€™m still in my 23 weeks?

  • This was great thank you so much! šŸ’œ

  • This video was great. During my 25 weeks and 28 weeks appointments I was told my baby was breeched both times. After the 28 week appointment I ran into this video and did it several times during the next two weeks. During my 30 week appointment my baby was now head down.

  • Jessica, you wizard! My baby was transverse (around 31 weeks) until I did this video and I felt her turn that night. The ultrasound just confirmed that she is now head down. It almost feels unbelievable, but it totally worked!!

  • Am sooo happy thanks very much my baby keeps moving from breech to transverse at 33weeks my baby was in a transverse position saw your video and did it and my baby turn head down that same day thank U very much am grateful

  • Thank you so much for these exercises. They do work like magic. My baby was OP at 33 week and she did turn at my 35 week appointment.

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