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  • Hi Mama! This 20 minute Prenatal Bedtime Yoga Routine is for all trimesters. Slow-paced and filled with hip openers to release tension and increase blood flow to your legs before bed. Great for ALL trimesters, though you may need to modify with wider legs as your bump gets bigger. CONGRATS! 🎀 Download the PRENATAL YOGA PROGRAM + The NEW Prenatal Bonus Pack in the SBY App 🎀 @t

  • Soooo relaxed afterwards! Thank you. Part of my nightly routine at 26 wks…

  • I have been loving this bedtime practice throughout my pregnancy. It really gets the tension out and welcomes a good nights rest in. Thank You

  • I am at 13 weeks. I had done yoga at the center before but I was worried about what to do during pregnant. I found this is great, not so hard as normal yoga however helping my sleep for sure. Thanks Sarah

  • I am a longtime follower and I truly enjoy your videos. That being said, I am now 26 weeks pregnant and am finding it difficult to follow along with some videos so now I am switching to the pregnancy videos. I LOVE these videos but it stinks there are only 3 yoga and 2 workout videos. I am experiencing a lot of back and leg pain with this pregnancy and definitely need some sore achey muscle videos. Any recommendations?

  • Love this! I even do it during the day when I need something but prefer it to be gentle.

  • I practice this routine every night religiously! It’s the only thing that helps me manage my RLS and helps me get to sleep. On the plus side, I’ve noticed my legs getting toned. Thank you!

  • is it safe to do this exercises, knowing that I have a low lying placenta? I'm 20 weeks pregnant

  • Enjoyed this!

  • Good job
    , have a nice day! It’s an honor to be together!

  • Really appreciate this practice and was also confused by the instruction to lie on our backs for savasana – my understanding is that is only safe during the first trimester, but not beyond that. Everything else is great! Thank You.

  • Thank you so much! Your voice is so soothing and calming! Thank you!!!

  • I think this is a little too active to be bedtime yoga…:/ I need winding down and downward dogs and lunges seem to go against this instinct. I would call this evening yoga instead!

  • Very underrated channel. I love this. Your voice is great, background music is so calming, and I love that I feel like I'm actually getting a decent stretch. Many of the other prenatal practices I've found are too gentle and treat me like I'm going to break. Thank you!

  • Absolutely perfect! The breathing exercises at the end really wrap the whole routine up beautifully and effectively. Thank you!

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