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  • Did your workouts/yoga by the end of second trimester, I had a lot of SPD and round ligament pain ( plus the occasional lower back problems). I couldn't fold forward or do the squat without pain.

    I'm happy to report that being in middle of 33 weeks I don't have any of these pains, I can do all these poses, and I feel much better and confident in my body. thank you so much for empowering pregnant women with these workouts!! sending love

  • Thank you. I have been enjoying your yoga videos. I would love another pre-bed yoga session. 'Ive had heaps of trouble sleeping so this had been very enjoyable.

  • This was so nice! 💖

  • Thank you so much for your useful videos. BTW, do you have any online courses (videos) recommendation for the prenatal courses? Because of the pandemic, I think it is a safer to learn the courses online. Thanks !

  • Yes love short videos!! Please make more!

  • Slept great last night 🤰🏾🧘🏾‍♀️💜 and I’ll he doing some back stretches today and more prenatal yoga tonight 🕉☮️

  • I just stumbled upon this. I'm approximately 33 weeks with our rainbow baby and this will be my 4th delivery. My ledt hip and left lower pain pain kicks into high gearcwvery night for the past week before bed. I decided to try this tonight and HUGE difference! I can actually lay down and not practically ve in tears!
    Thank you so much! I even go weekly to chiropractor because my pelvic area, hips, sacrum are always so off!

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