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  • I studied with Dr. Sweigard at Juilliard during the 1970's.  Constructive rest isn't just the physical position, but all the imagery that one imagines with one's "mind's eye". We never thought about the psoas, or any other muscle as letting go, or relaxing, or focusing on the physical sensation. We used her imagery. You are leaving out the most important part of her work.

  • Wyatt

  • also

  • This sounds so simple, and I did it to the best of what I heard. I have a lot of back pain, and little actual disk damage, so I think your work is right on. I didn’t feel anything during this. Is there something I should be doing? I’m trying to relax. I’m even trying some of my “visualization” techniques, but I notice nothing. Can you please be any more specific? In the mean time I will keep trying. Thank you.

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