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  • thank you very much!!!

  • what if a writing "modifier cannot be applied to mesh with shapekeys" appear?

  • legend

  • wow i was on the verge of a mental breakdown. thank you!

  • I only have to do this every now and then, but I always forget how. This has been my go to video for a while now. Thanks!

  • Thanks, lady. I watched it twice toDAY! It is helpful 🙂

  • thanks this still works in 2.8x, setting ik's would invert my meshes arms so ive inverted them before hand to work

  • One problem I keep getting is: even though SL is supposed to be able to handle Any other pose (like A pose) I still seem to have to restore my rig to a T pose before importing, otherwise it is just all over the place.

  • thank you

  • Great Stuff <3

  • my mesh deforms very badly when i hit "duplicate" button, any tips?

  • I get to the apply pose to rest pose and it just goes right back to a pose.

  • After three days of racking my brain, this was the first step to solving my issues. Thank you so much <3

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