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  • That was amazing ❤️

  • Hi! Does anyone know if Laura has her own channel? I find her practice really comforting and would like to practice more with her videos if there is any.

  • I must be missing something here. I'm quite flexible but most of the poses hurt, they weren't relaxing.

  • Does anyone know where to get her top? It's beautiful!

  • Amazing


  • I feel so relaxed now. And tired haha..

  • this was amazing!

  • My first class – just perfect for destressing and relaxing

  • Beautiful, 🙏

  • Thank you, I love doing this video before bed <3

  • Instant subscriber!

  • Beautiful ~

  • Thanks for this – it was definitely a nice evening routine.

  • Ohhhh really enjoyed this quiet session! I m more than ready to sleeeeep well! Love that U re so chilled and your voice warm and relaxed! G night!!!

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