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  • really works..!
    Thank you so much !
    God bless you Sr🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Im 15.I was having this since the age of 10.But when i was 11 it gets extreme(having this once in 2 days in night). So i started playing football
    Later when i turned 14 it feels much better(once in 3 months).

  • I think I snapped my chest muscle when I was dunking without warmup 🙁
    First I thought I broke my ribs 😂

  • Thxs god … every time I do push ups my chest locks up later on this whole time I was thinking I was going to have a heart attack

  • Thank you so much for that stretch in the right…. direction I appreciate that.
    I feel so much better this morning.

  • damn i just stretched before watching this

  • My age is just 28 plz sir help me all day just i think I have hert pain my pain is like soyi chubhti ho esa 1 sec ke liye left side jyada or write side bhot kam Dr muje gas acidity or pain killar or dimaak saant rakhne ki medicine dere he last 2 yrs se but phir ku6 solution nahi he sir plz help me sir I m waiting fr reply fast

  • PewDiePie should have this kind of intro song

  • This actually worked thank you

  • Thx man

  • my arms are always tense

  • Thank you SO MUCH! The relief is incredible!

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