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  • please refrain from wearing a hat like a black inner city youth

  • Yum 😋 natural movement within the kinetic chain!

  • Just discovered you via Rich Roll channel. What you say makes so much sense yet it is so far removed from modern western lifestyles. I started floor sleeping a year ago to relieve vertigo & everyone I've mentioned it to thinks I'm mad! Floor sitting when at home next on my list Bonus, no need to save for that new sofa & new box spring mattress = more money to invest in quality whole foods diet to improve my health.

  • I recently started to live on the ground!
    Helped my yoga, my workouts and my running and is becoming more comfortable each day
    Thx for inspiration!

  • In the shin boxing position, is your weight all to one side?

  • The first 5 mins of a BJJ class almost 👍

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