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  • This was perfect and very relaxing. So needed during all this craziness. My muscles and mind thank you!

  • your yoga session made me cry, such a release….right from the child pose, yoga is so powerful, it has always been my best friend when life would get overwhelming, stressful or I was going through something major. Your voice is so calming, allowed me to leave the physical space and just go within. Sometimes we are dealing with things and think the coast is clear, we are ok, ready to move on or have healed….we come to a child pose and surrender realizing we havenโ€™t even begun the healing process while emotional pain is moving through every part of our body. People think yoga is just a set of movements that stretch your muscles…what they quickly realize is that yoga is a path for pain to travel through our body to finally get released when we surrender. Thank you

  • Couldnt manage half of these poses. Iโ€™m too stiff

  • Amazing, thank you!

  • Loved this! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Œ

  • So awesome!

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